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It Began With Ashes (Wroge Elements, #1)

It Began With Ashes (Wroge Elements, #1) - D.E.M. Emrys I received this book for free for my review.

This book follows several characters including a tax collector and his son, ex-mercenaries and their families when their village is attacked.

While the characters were well developed and the fight scenes were epic, I think my main issue with the book was just the sheer brutality of it. This book involves killing. And lots of it. That usually doesn't bother me, but it was the sheer glee that a 12-year-old was going at it.

Wasn't my kind of book, but I think that others who enjoyed books such as Prince of Thorns would love it. It is fast paced and short, but an interesting read and a great start for the author!