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Rosarito Beach (An Agent Kay Hamilton Novel)

Rosarito Beach - M.A. Lawson For the most part I enjoyed this book. It is definitely action packed and captured my attention to the very end.

My main issues with this book lie with the main character. I wanted to like her - her being a bad-ass DEA agent, with a strong personality, but I just couldn't. The focus seemed to be on HOW bad-ass she is, bossing people around, threatening to fire them or suspend them, formulating plans with no regard to herself or others, etc. There seemed to be nothing else to her. Her blaise attitude towards the safety of others made me wonder why bother being in law enforcement? Is it all about the thrill and who cares about everything else?

Even the part where we should see a softer side to her - meeting her long lost daughter fell flat. The scenes between them felt forced and cliche.

I was also kind of annoyed how they portrayed her "strong" personality sexually. Strong women apparently sleep with everyone to get their way. I get it. Strong women are free sexually. But do they really need to screw their way to the top? I just find it kind of insulting that she couldn't just be great at her job and back stab her co-workers, but had to sleep around too with married men. That seemed to contradict how strong she was. Do strong women really need to rely on giving favors to others to get ahead?