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Some Kind of Fairy Tale: A Novel

Some Kind Of Fairy Tale - Graham Joyce This book had the potential to be great but somehow felt flat. I didn't connect with any of the characters, and just found myself hating them. Not a likeable one among the bunch.

The description of fairy land seemed like the author was going for beautiful and magical but read like he was a teenager writing a fill in the blank story for his other prepubescent friends to giggle over in class. Especially the one of them swimming in the "ejaculating lake". Does anything sound MORE unappetizing?

I think my dislike for the book turned to all out hatred at this point:
"...And such sluts the women were there! Sluts!"
"Well, yes. The men, too."
"You can't blame the men if the women have their legs open all the time."

Are you fucking kidding me? And this coming from a woman who joined the "sluts" she was describing. I guess men can't be to blame for their desires its the woman's fault. I just.. I can't even start on the things wrong with that statement.