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Zombie Fallout - Mark Tufo Reading through some of the reviews I wasn't sure if I was going to love or hate the book. Unfortunately it was the latter. The narrator, while being ex-army seems like a teenager, with an immature sense of humor and a strange fascination with bowel movements, sex and flatulence, going into great detail with each encounter with a zombie or a pretty female what is going on in his underpants.

The only intelligent characters seem to be the zombies, and the female characters are in the book are weak and irritating. When his wife and daughter go to "save" his sons, they end up stopping to do some shopping at a convenience store instead. While zombies are breaking down the wall, his wife is utterly clueless, filling her water bottle or some such nonsense while he fights them off.

The characters are also inconsistent. The main character kills a man who keeps a zombie in his basement for sex, and yet tries to save a man who has killed several of his friends and threatens to kill him and his family. Where is the logic in that? One is harming the living, the other the dead and he favors the former.

I wish I could say the story was the saving grace of annoying characters and juvenile humor, but any interesting parts were ruined by the narrators random flashbacks and constant whining about how he " needs a shrink."

Yeah... we got it...