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The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch 3.5 stars.

Good story that kept me entertained but my main issue was with Sabetha. I mean I was excited to finally meet her, and Scott Lynch is wonderful at writing in strong female characters as shown in the last book but I could NOT like Sabetha. And I wouldn't consider her a strong female character. Ezri was my FAVORITE character last book. She was confident, selfless and strong. Sabetha is none of those things.

She was so dramatic and moody and Locke around her acted like a lost puppy dog, falling for every trick in the book. It was sad to read. And even more sad reading about him doing all these grand gestures and for her to continue being a huge bitch. And then wondering why everyone wouldn't listen to her when she's being bitchy and controlling. I just wanted to shake her and say why do you have to make everything so complicated you stupid woman?

She is infuriating. She has a need to analyze EVERYTHING. Just STOP!

I also lost a lot of respect for Locke, who is becoming more and more whiny every book. She's not worth it. Move on. And please stop trying to kill yourself. Its pathetic.

The ending though was awesome and almost redeemed annoyance of the main characters. I look forward to the next book. Hopefully it will be Sabetha free.