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Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay I heard a lot of good things about Guy Gavriel Kay so when I picked this up I was anxious to read it. At first I hated the book. The characters seemed all over the place with their moods going from exuberance to depression to anger in seconds.

They also seemed to do the same in love, one minute loving one person, then another. At first I was sure Devin and Catriana were going to get over their hate for each other, and they almost did until Devin met another girl and suddenly Catriana was in love with someone else. Wouldn't it be nice if love worked out so perfectly for everyone? If one person doesn't love you, here's another!

I continued to push myself through the book, and while I enjoyed the author's style of writing, he did use almost an excessive amount of foreshadowing. Despite that he did manage to make me smile with some of the dialogue, and actually care about what happened in the end, despite the fact that I failed to connect with any of the characters.

Probably not a book I would read again, but it is a good fantasy book for those who enjoy the genre.